How to Feel Your Soulmate

You can feel your soul mate, if you rely on your senses. Not solely on your five "normal" senses, but also the so-called extra senses (6th and 7th) - You can feel your soul mate see if you allow those energies to flow and if you allow the vibrations pulsate through your life!

You'll be able to feel your connection when you're near your soulmate. This can happen both physically and telepathically! If you are thinking of your soulmate, you sense (even without that he knows you), you meet, see, smell, hear and feel physically (as in the picture with your hands), then you can feel it with your heart!

You will just know if you have found your soulmate at last, or whether it does not fit. If you open enough for the wonderful "coincidences" of life, then you will no longer be asking yourself, "Have I found my soul mate?