True Soulmate Telepathy

Is there any truth to the often discussed soulmate telepathy? Is communication with the naked thought at all possible or is it a persistent New Age myth which is in fact just that: a myth?

Animals seem to have the ability to "feel" each other and even human beings (remember cats and dogs) right from the beginning. We - human beings - seem to have forgotten the simple laws that make us telepatchic.

Telepathy - The Development of Human Openness

Gitta Peyn and Ralf Löffler cross a border, as they try a less serious and scientific description of an ability that is called telepathy, but has not much to do with "reading minds" as most people think.

The authors state in their training manual ("Telepathy - The Development of Human Openness") for the precognitive and telepathic abilities once the major differences between so-called telepathy (for example, do you know what your partner thinks before he speaks) and precognition (eg you dream something the next day the same way happens). Subsequently, the acquired knowledge with practical and easy to learn techniques is reviewed and made clear for the rest of us who have problems with understanding and believing this stuff.

If you find your soul mate to want to use telepathy on the psychic abilities and believe in, you can find with the book Telepathy - The development of human openness great clues to help you along the way!

Struggle With Your Soulmate

You suffer from struggle with your soulmate? Why are we arguing at all? This question is certainly asked by every human being once in a lifetime. Particularly disturbing is struggle with the soulmate, because we would believe that entities that are so closely related (and sometimes even telepathically related!) should do without struggling.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. We want to make you understand that a conflict between soulmates is not necessarily bad but we also want to stress that it is unnecessary to argue!

Although the media and self-proclaimed specialists in Cosmopolitan & Co. want to ram this into you: Disputes do not change your relationship to the better. Struggling with your soul mate can be a sign of a misguided connection!

Struggle Generates Struggle And Nothing Else

Struggle is a weaker manifestation of war and can still produce victims scarred for life. Any dispute fought by the alleged soulmates (note the words of war and violence) could be an indication ultimately leading to separating your paths as partners and soulmates!

Tip: It could be helpful to do our free soulmate test!

A neighborhood dispute is stressful, yet a dispute with your soul mate can really depress you and harm your soul. No one should suspend such feelings on purpose. You should always aim at becoming happy as that's your most important goal.

Those who argue, are not happy. Dispute and strife does only exist and persist in broken relationships. We still want to explicitly point out that these compounds can be "fixed".

However, if you already talk of a broken relationship, and feel that it's true, repairing your broken relationship with your soulmate seems less useful than a new orientation: It is perhaps time to find a new soul mate!

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How to Feel Your Soulmate

You can feel your soul mate, if you rely on your senses. Not solely on your five "normal" senses, but also the so-called extra senses (6th and 7th) - You can feel your soul mate see if you allow those energies to flow and if you allow the vibrations pulsate through your life!

You'll be able to feel your connection when you're near your soulmate. This can happen both physically and telepathically! If you are thinking of your soulmate, you sense (even without that he knows you), you meet, see, smell, hear and feel physically (as in the picture with your hands), then you can feel it with your heart!

You will just know if you have found your soulmate at last, or whether it does not fit. If you open enough for the wonderful "coincidences" of life, then you will no longer be asking yourself, "Have I found my soul mate?

Calculate Your Soulmate

Huh? Calculate your soul mate? Do you feel more advanced in modern, esoteric "psychology" than others and want to delve deeper into the matter, for example, to decode your soul mate with an almost mathematically precise formula?

The Secret of Karmic Connections

Judy Hall has written a bestseller in the U.S. (a true reference work written for advanced soul magicians) on how to recognize and charge your soulmate!

Soul partnership is not described at length with pure "hoax", but as a link showing up in both partners. A connection, therefore, has not much to do with cosmic with allegedly existing vibrations, but with reason and true, unconditional love!

It is therefore an interesting and novel advance in the flooded (with pseudo-esoteric messages) book world on the "soul mate calculate" topic.

Calculating your soulmate is not a mathematical approach, however, you may find yourself comfortable with a bit of extra knowledge about numbers, numerology and general "magical terms" as they will of course be on your interesting route to calculating and ultimately finding your true soulmate!

How To Meet Your Soulmate

So, you want to meet your soulmate, but you don't know how to manage that? In this rather short article we want to tell you how you could get in touch with your soulmate while being on a thrilling and wonderful journey to yourself and the fulfillment of your dreams.

First you have to recognise your soulmate. Because of that reason you should not stop searching for him or her. And be aware that your search can last veeeeeeery long!

Meet your soulmate - But where?

The following stuff will be a bit disappointing because we don't believe in places, times or parties when it comes to finding and meeting your soulmate! Your ability to 'see' your soulmate does not depend on physical things, no, it solely depends on your mind.

You are bound to realise who your true soulmate is. Especially when he or she stands in front of you or resides within a 1000km radius. There is absolutely no reason to use a dowser to help your soul along!

We believe that if anything in this world really 'knows' - it's your soul! Your soul is going to lead you to what makes it happy. Which in most cases is your 'missing' part(ner).

You have to rely on your sould (and your feelings) and you will finally meet your soulmate. Again: It doesn't matter whether you are on the coolest party in town or move around the world in haste. Your soulmate is existent. When you are ready he or she will enter your perspective :-)

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Soulmate Split-Up

People fall in love, people marry, and people split up. A cycle which works for thousands of years. Esoteric people have the most difficult decisions to make when it comes to the split-up theory. Letting go of their soulmate makes them cry.

As soon as these folks have found their 'perfect' soulmate they struggle with a divorce although it would be the best (and only) option in many cases!

Let go now!

Perhaps you ask yourself in which cases a well-timed split-up is the very best option and whether there is still left any hope for you and your relationship.

We can't make your decisions. It wouldn't help you anyway. Listen to what your heart tells you and all is going to be fine again.

Your heart does not only tell you who your true soulmate is, it does also tell you who isn't. Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that souls change, too! When a soul changes, all expectations and dependencies and conditions may also change! Sometimes, when a soul changes its 'mind', it won't recognise the previous soulmate as a soulmate.

This can be very annoying. Stay calm and conscious to sense changes!

The following situations are critical and should be considered to be those where a split-up is the best option:

1. Violence & brutality

You should be very sure about living with a violent human being, especially if you think he or she is your soulmate. A true friend and lover of your soul doesn't want to harm your body, does he?

2. Emotional violence

Emotional violence is more subtle but you should not tolerate it. You should (as far as we understand the term love) let go of your 'perfect' soulmate before he or she can sense your weakness and exploit it with said brutality and / or violence.

3. Different lifestyles

Don't try to force your lifestyle on your soulmate. If you really care, you will tolerate alternative lifestyles as if they were your own. If not, you will most likely begin to struggle when it comes to decisions which are to be made by the two of you...

4. There are more people

Whatever you are struggling about: There are more people to be met and more people to share your love with. Don't waste your time on earth to live with a person you don't really love. Share the love and share it wisely.

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Are You My Perfect Soulmate?

Hey, listen: We would love to answer your question but we can't. It's your turn to recognise your soulmate and say 'yes' or 'no'. Whether you have finally found your soulmate or not can screw up your life. Seriously, because if you find your soulmate you will most likely close your eyes and try to relax. But if it's not really your soulmate you will suddenly open your eyes and see your life being a living hell. Well, that is it for the worst case scenario.

You could try to answer your question by doing our free soulmate test. It's really easy as you simply have to answer a few questions to determine whether you are on the right path or not!

Originally your question should be very easy to answer because everytime you feel lucky, happy and plain good you seem to do the right things. Living with your soulmate is probably a good definition of 'doing the right thing', so go for it!

If you and your soulmate feel like 'Wow, it feels like we were made for each other. I feel like I belong to you. I feel like I am you.' and vice versa, you should be pretty fine with your assumption to have found your perfect soulmate.

But if (and we hope that this is not the case) you and your soulmate begin struggling in the very beginning of your relationship you should step back for a moment and try another perspective: 'Do I really want to struggle?' and 'Is struggling allowed when I'm with my soulmate?' and 'Do soulmates struggle at all?'

Most likely you'll say 'no' and that's fine. Don't struggle. Don't let your situation become the worst case scenario we mentioned above. You might also like our article: Let Go Of Your Soulmate

Falls ihr euch zwar gut versteht, aber schon zu Beginn einer beliebig gearteten Beziehung mit Missverständnissen und unterschiedlichen Argumenten zu wichtigen Themen wie (körperlicher) Liebe, Zusammensein, dem Sinn des Lebens, etc. streitet, dann solltest du dir eventuell ein Herz fassen und diesen nur scheinbar perfekten Seelenpartner loslassen...

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Let Go Of Your Soulmate

Many people seek for their 'perfect' soulmates. Many of them seek their entire life. They spend a lot of time with defining the attributes of said soulmate to finally (and hopefully) find him or her. Not all of the relationships between those soulmates go by easily. Many think about divorcing. Many don't hesitate to while some don't want to admit they failed with their mission...

Perhaps there is more than 1 soulmate?

A relatively easy assumption would be: Hey, perhaps I'll have more luck next time I meet my 'perfect' soulmate.

But most of these people remain sad and stunned, repeating the hows, whys and no-please-nots. Of course it's not easy to say goodbye to a being you thought would be your 'perfect' soulmate for your entire life. But in the end you will be happier with such a decision if otherwise you earn a destructive and love-less connection!

You are going to ask yourself: How did that happen? Damn, we were supposed to be soulmates! - Rarely you will get satisfying answers. In most cases we encounter people starting a relationship with way too many expections. Without realising these people struggle within a dead connection with a partner who is far from being a true soulmate.

Even if you are determined to listen to good news and new-age-blah-blah, we want to encourage you to realise this: Let go of your soulmate if there is no soul and no mate!

A shocking question you could ask yourself quietly is whether there is more than one soulmate waiting for you. We are living on a planet right now which gives more than 6 billion people a place to be. If one of your relationships fails there are still more than 6 billion people left. All of them have souls. All of them could be your soulmates.

Let go of your soulmate

It is now the right moment to make the right decision. You won't do anybody anything good if you stay and pray while you are turning belly-up!

Also, mourning won't do you any good. Mourning attracts stuff worth mourning and so on. You want the opposite to become true: Happiness shall return into your life.

If you are in a situation where you can either die slowly or let go of what makes you feel bad, please, choose the patch which will lead you back to your true inner state of thriving and happiness.

Remember: Being happy should not depend on your relationship to your soulmate but only depend on your relationship with yourself!

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Call Your Soulmate (Literally)

You can wish for a meeting with your soulmate or you could even call him (literally). In this article we want to concentrate on different techniques which can help you find your soulmate!

Calling your soulmate - But how?

We know at least four different methods for 'telling' your soulmate that your are seeking him or her. Those four methods are based on our understanding that at least four levels of consciousness surround us. We communicate in at least four different manners.

1. Think about your soulmate

Your thoughts are powerful. With your thoughts you can make yourself a happy person. Faith can move mountains. If you ever had to do with Reality Creation you would have understood the 'laws' that make us breathe, laugh and love.

Whenever you think about your soulmate you are activating your link or connection and you both can - given that you have opened minds - communicate. Sometimes you won't even realise that you are indeed 'talking'.

2. Feel your soulmate

Even more important and more powerful than positive thoughts are deep feelings about your soulmate. The feelings let you thrive. Bad feelings will lead you to more powerful bad feelings and good feelings will lead you to more powerful good feelings.

So, feel your soulmate, feel what you love about him, feel your connection, feel yourself feeling your feelings. Be your feelings.

3. Call your soulmate

You should literally call your soulmate. Speak aloud whatever your desire tells you. Spread the word of your feelings. Every single spoken word is full of energy. Every single word thrives. Every single word can also move mountains. Open Sesame!

4. Attract your soulmate

This last step (or method) requires a clear state of mind and a high level of consciousness! You can attract your soulmate by thoughts, feelings and words. Now let's face it: You want to come to action, so act like you expect your soulmate to do. Be yourself a proper soulmate. Don't rely on others, just do it!

Imagine yourself being a magnet. Pull towards. Pull that what makes you feel good. Seize it, grab it, hold it. It's all yours.

No matter where your soulmate currently resides. If you max out your options, you will definetely pull your soulmate into your life.

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How To Attract Your Soulmate

Most human beings don't even think about simply attracting (pulling towards) their soulmates, because they think great goals have to be hard to accomplish. They believe that the path leading to happiness and joy is a brutal way of self-punishment. They also believe they need (!?) to recognise and finally find their soulmates in order to meet them...

This is not true as you could also just 'wait' for your soulmate to do the 'work'.

A very popular and well-known feature of being someone's soulmate is your ability to communicate with said soul(mate) on a higher level. This might be telepathy or crazy microwaves floating through time and space. Whatever it is and whatever you might think it is: We know (and experience every day) that there is pure force leading us to do certain things. This force is nothing but our feeling. Our prolonging to feel good.

So - if we combine one soul and another - you can attract your soulmate by clearing your mind and making conscious wishes. How? We will show you.

Attracting soulmate is as easy as talking on the phone

And an amazingly similiar process indeed! Imagine yourself holding a mobile in your hands. Lift it towards your ear and mouth as if you wanted to call somebody. Now imagine to dial the special number (this is the imaginary part) and listen to the phone ringing as your soulmate is getting ready to answer your call!

To be honest you could also screw this idea and just rely on your positive thoughts about your soulmate, because - as you perhaps already know from Abraham Hicks - you will attract what you think about. Just think about it.

It is, again, very important to be in a good mood while you are 'calling' your soulmate, because crazy microwaves floating through time and space are very sensitive to your bad feelings, too. Open your mind and let your soulmate in.

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