Let Go Of Your Soulmate

Many people seek for their 'perfect' soulmates. Many of them seek their entire life. They spend a lot of time with defining the attributes of said soulmate to finally (and hopefully) find him or her. Not all of the relationships between those soulmates go by easily. Many think about divorcing. Many don't hesitate to while some don't want to admit they failed with their mission...

Perhaps there is more than 1 soulmate?

A relatively easy assumption would be: Hey, perhaps I'll have more luck next time I meet my 'perfect' soulmate.

But most of these people remain sad and stunned, repeating the hows, whys and no-please-nots. Of course it's not easy to say goodbye to a being you thought would be your 'perfect' soulmate for your entire life. But in the end you will be happier with such a decision if otherwise you earn a destructive and love-less connection!

You are going to ask yourself: How did that happen? Damn, we were supposed to be soulmates! - Rarely you will get satisfying answers. In most cases we encounter people starting a relationship with way too many expections. Without realising these people struggle within a dead connection with a partner who is far from being a true soulmate.

Even if you are determined to listen to good news and new-age-blah-blah, we want to encourage you to realise this: Let go of your soulmate if there is no soul and no mate!

A shocking question you could ask yourself quietly is whether there is more than one soulmate waiting for you. We are living on a planet right now which gives more than 6 billion people a place to be. If one of your relationships fails there are still more than 6 billion people left. All of them have souls. All of them could be your soulmates.

Let go of your soulmate

It is now the right moment to make the right decision. You won't do anybody anything good if you stay and pray while you are turning belly-up!

Also, mourning won't do you any good. Mourning attracts stuff worth mourning and so on. You want the opposite to become true: Happiness shall return into your life.

If you are in a situation where you can either die slowly or let go of what makes you feel bad, please, choose the patch which will lead you back to your true inner state of thriving and happiness.

Remember: Being happy should not depend on your relationship to your soulmate but only depend on your relationship with yourself!

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Picture CC 2.0 by Capture Queen / flickr