Call Your Soulmate (Literally)

You can wish for a meeting with your soulmate or you could even call him (literally). In this article we want to concentrate on different techniques which can help you find your soulmate!

Calling your soulmate - But how?

We know at least four different methods for 'telling' your soulmate that your are seeking him or her. Those four methods are based on our understanding that at least four levels of consciousness surround us. We communicate in at least four different manners.

1. Think about your soulmate

Your thoughts are powerful. With your thoughts you can make yourself a happy person. Faith can move mountains. If you ever had to do with Reality Creation you would have understood the 'laws' that make us breathe, laugh and love.

Whenever you think about your soulmate you are activating your link or connection and you both can - given that you have opened minds - communicate. Sometimes you won't even realise that you are indeed 'talking'.

2. Feel your soulmate

Even more important and more powerful than positive thoughts are deep feelings about your soulmate. The feelings let you thrive. Bad feelings will lead you to more powerful bad feelings and good feelings will lead you to more powerful good feelings.

So, feel your soulmate, feel what you love about him, feel your connection, feel yourself feeling your feelings. Be your feelings.

3. Call your soulmate

You should literally call your soulmate. Speak aloud whatever your desire tells you. Spread the word of your feelings. Every single spoken word is full of energy. Every single word thrives. Every single word can also move mountains. Open Sesame!

4. Attract your soulmate

This last step (or method) requires a clear state of mind and a high level of consciousness! You can attract your soulmate by thoughts, feelings and words. Now let's face it: You want to come to action, so act like you expect your soulmate to do. Be yourself a proper soulmate. Don't rely on others, just do it!

Imagine yourself being a magnet. Pull towards. Pull that what makes you feel good. Seize it, grab it, hold it. It's all yours.

No matter where your soulmate currently resides. If you max out your options, you will definetely pull your soulmate into your life.

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Picture CC 2.0 by db'Photography